UPDATE: The experiment has ended and so I have closed new signups. Thanks!

"What if I replicated myself into a bot?"

This all started with a simple "what if.." and it has turned into an incredibly valuable experiment, a personal tool of discovery of what the future might look like if chat bots, conversational user interfaces, and artificial intelligence actually succeed in what they are trying to achieve.

The Chikai construct created more intrigue and was more engaging to people than I anticipated. By not strictly defining what it was and leaving it open for each person to interpret as they wish, it allowed it the freedom to become what each person wanted it to become. It gives back as much as you put into it and it has been fascinating to watch how people poke and prod it to see how it reacts. So I'm going to keep it open and not define it for the time being, so that I can continue to learn what people want out of it. I think that is the hardest thing to figure out right now, what do people truly want from a chat bot? There are many preconceived notions of what it should do, but what I'm discovering is that in the end it may not be any of those things. It's going to be much more complex.

One last note, most of the responses by Chikai are from me, the human version of Chikai, but as time goes on more and more will be from Chikai . And as more people use Chikai , I'm learning what parts I can automate and still keep the human feel and interaction in the conversation. It's an organic process, but hopefully that process creates an organic result.

Thanks for your curiosity in what I'm working on and please sign up below to experience Chikai for yourself!

- Chikai